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Specialists in the production of wire drawing plants and machinery for low/medium/high carbon steel wire and alloys, as well as welding wires such as: CO2, flux-cored, subarc, aluminium, inox welding wire.


EJP ITALMEC founded in 2006, has been manufacturing machines and lines for drawing of steel wire, providing its customers with a complete range of machinery and equipment.

In particular, EJP ITALMEC designs and manufactures drawing plants such as dry drawing lines for low, medium and high carbon steel wires, vertical and horizontal pay offs, static and dynamic coilers, horizontal and vertical spoolers, single and double, translating spoolers, mechanical descalers, cleaning systems of the wire rod with belt sanding or brushing machines, borax lines and various equipment such as pointing machines, pointing-die inserting devices, spools and coils tilting devices, etc.

Each machine is designed and constructed in such a way as to meet the production requirements of customers, both in terms of quantity and quality of the final product.

On 30 November 2018 EJP ITALMEC acquired the WWM brand with the know-how (projects and patents) and continues the production of welding wire machinery, such as wet drawing machines, copper coating lines, precision layer rewinding lines, drum packers, etc., providing customers with the entire range of products as well as technological assistance on the production process.

EJP ITALMEC is the continuation of WWM’s activity and can provide customers with its technical and technological experience in the manufacture of welding products such as CO2 welding wire, sub arc wires, flux cored wires, aluminum wires, alloys and stainless steel wires.

The highly specialised technical department prepares a design tailored to the customer’s needs, analysing in detail the production process and adjusting the parameters and characteristics of the machines.

From 28.12.2020 Italmec has changed its shareholding structure with the entry into the capital of the German company EJP Maschinen GmbH. Thanks to the great and long experience of EJP in the drawing market, commercial synergies with Italmec will be of great development for Italmec in those markets where it is not currently present.

One of the company’s strengths is after-sales service. Particularly noteworthy is the commissioning of the machines supplied by EJP ITALMEC. It is not just a mechanical and electronic start-up, but the launching of production. After-sales service is provided by the technical staff that is always at the customer’s disposal.

EJP ITALMEC constantly meets the needs of its customers and is open to development and innovations implemented during the production process. Technical solutions are consulted with customers, which makes EJP ITALMEC not only a machine manufacturer, but also a technology consultant.

Another strong point of the company is the fact that in the past, many of our technicians worked directly at the wire production process, gaining vast experience that is visible in every detail of the machines manufactured by our company – it is a hallmark that distinguishes EJP ITALMEC from other manufacturers.

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